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Automotive Transfer Case and Differential Repair and Service

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    Auto Transfer Case and Differential Service

    Auto Transfer Case and Differential Service

    A transfer case is a gearbox that transfers power to the front and/or rear tires for 4WD drive and AWD vehicles.
    The differential is a system of gears that allows different drive wheels (the wheels to which power is delivered from the engine) on the same axle to rotate at different speeds, such as when the car is turning.
    Both the transfer case and the differentials require fluid to lubricate the internal components and to pull heat away from the working components. This fluid can be degraded by heat and/or external contamination (dirt and moisture). We recommend having your transfer case and differentials inspected and the fluids changed every 30,000 miles if you experience the symptoms below:

    • 4WD will not engage or will not stay engaged
    • 4×4 light illuminating on your dash
    • Whining, grinding, growling, or humming noises coming from underneath your vehicle when in operation
    • Fluid present on the ground under the transfer case or differential
    • Binding or knocking noise when turning
    • One of the axles locked up or not turning
    Our transfer case and differential service includes a visual inspection as well as a Digital Vehicle Assessment report of the seals and internals, draining of the old fluid, Replacement of needed seals, and replacement with new fluid. The digital report may include pictures and textual findings of the inspection.