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Automotive Exhaust System Repair

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    Auto Exhaust System Repair

    Auto Exhaust and Muffler

    We have the expertise to repair and/or replace all your exhaust system components. Please reach out to our service advisors to schedule your appointment.

    Auto Exhaust and Muffler​

    Catalytic Converters

    A clogged catalytic converter prevents the smooth passage of airflow through your exhaust system. The exhaust buildup in your vehicle will likely cause your vehicle to lose some of its performance. If neglected, a bad catalytic converter can damage your engine and cause expensive repairs.
    Catalytic Converters

    Emission System Repairs

    A check engine light, reduced fuel economy, loss of engine performance, or bad exhaust smell can be signs of an emission system issue. These systems are important to the reliable operation of your engine. If you experience any of these symptoms, please come by to have our knowledgeable technicians diagnose and repair your vehicles emission system.

    Performance Exhaust Systems

    Belton Transmission and Complete Auto Repair specializes in custom exhaust systems. We can replace your factory mufflers to provide improved performance or a more aggressive sound to your exhaust system. We can also re-route and add larger exhaust systems to your truck or car. Please reach out to our service advisors to see what options are available. Schedule an appointment today with Belton Transmission and Complete Auto Repair to get you custom performance exhaust system!