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    Easypay Finance
    Belton Transmission and Complete Auto Repair

    Financing Your Auto Repair Through Belton Transmission & Complete Auto Care

    If you’re struggling to find cash for an emergency auto repair, you’re not alone. According to AAA research, 35% of drivers have neglected or postponed necessary auto maintenance, a habit that ultimately results in higher auto repair expenses. Even a new car costs an average of almost $1,200 per year to maintain and repair — and only one-third of U.S. drivers are financially prepared to cover unexpected repair costs. Many customers choose to use a credit card, take a payday loan, or borrow money from friends and family.

    If you need an auto repair that’s not covered by your warranty or insurance and don’t have the cash on hand, Belton Transmission & Complete Auto Care offers financing through a partnership with Easy Pay.

    EasyPay Benefits For Customers

    • Save Money: Our 90-Day Finance Charge Cap Promotion caps the amount of Finance Charges you must pay at $40 if your full balance is paid during the first 90 days after your agreement begins. You make all scheduled payments within 30 days of when they are due, and you are not in default for any other reason. Conditions apply.
    • No Down Payment: Make the purchases you need today with $0 down
    • No Surprises: Fully transparent contracts with no hidden fees
    • Enjoy Rewards, Not Penalties: You won’t be penalized for paying off your contract early
    • Cover Big Expenses: Get financing up to $5,000 for qualified borrowers
    Begin by using the Map Search to search for and select Belton Transmission & Complete Repair. The application process only takes a few minutes to complete, and Prequalification will not affect your credit score. Get approved for up to $5,000. With this approval, our technicians will complete your repair and have you back on the road.