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Belton Transmission and Complete Auto Repair

Belton Transmission and Complete Auto Repair is fully equipped to handle any problem your car might encounter. We do quality work – and we ONLY do the work that is necessary.

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    Belton Transmission and Complete Auto Repair

    Dependable Belton Auto Repair

    Belton Transmission and Complete Auto Repair has been in business for years, we have the experience you need no matter if you have a classic or this year’s latest model

    Premium Services

    The Reflection of Quality

    Belton Transmission and Complete Auto Repair makes it their mission to offer you quality car care with experience that makes a difference for your vehicle and your pocketbook.
    Automotive Transmission Repair

    Car Diagnostic

    Do you have a service or check engine light illuminated on your dash? Trust our experienced technicians to find the problem and get your car back on the road.

    Automotive Brake Repair

    Brake & Tires

    Your brakes and tires are vital to the safe operation of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment today to have your brakes checked and tires rotated and balanced.

    transmission service Belton MO

    Transmission Service

    Before problems arise, have our transmission technicians check the operation of your transmission and the condition of your transmission fluid. This could eliminate costly repairs in the future.

    transmission service Belton MO

    Routine Maintenance

    Staying on schedule with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance intervals (oil changes, coolant flush, brake fluid flush, tune-up, air filter, and fuel filter) is vital to keeping your car operating at peak performance.

    How we work

    Reliable Quality Service

    Top rated transmission repair Belton

    Don't Put it Off Any Longer-Make Appointment

    Belton Transmission and Complete Auto Repair will be your car care experts, keeping your care maintained performance ready.
    affordable transmission service belton mo
    Top rated transmission repair Belton

    Get Your Vehicle Running Smoothly Again

    Belton Transmission and Complete Auto Repair will help you get your car back in peak operating condition.
    affordable transmission service belton mo
    Top rated transmission repair Belton

    Drive Off a Happy Customer

    Belton Transmission and Complete Auto Repair takes pride in customer satisfaction.
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    Digital Vehicle Inspections

    In the automotive service sector, a Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) is a software-driven method of completing vehicle inspections. Instead of utilizing paper and pen, it makes use of mobile devices and software. Using these computerized instruments, the Belton Transmission & Complete Auto Care automotive technicians can perform comprehensive and in-depth examinations of a vehicle’s condition, spot problems, and inform owners and service advisers of results.

    What does this mean for you? Transparency and Better Communication

    Through comprehensive inspection reports created with DVI software, our customers get a clear picture of their vehicle’s condition, helping them make informed decisions. Our vehicle inspections may include photos, videos, and notes. These added details allow our customers to see what is happening with their vehicle, allaying fears that we are recommending services they don’t need. By providing a digital inspection, we help our customers take part in the repair process.

    Digital Vehicle Inspections are a powerful tool for improving communication with our customers. DVI software provides comprehensive, visually appealing reports of possible problems. This precise and straightforward communication guarantees that all parties (technicians, service advisors, and customers) are aware of the current state of the car and the required repairs. As a customer of Belton Transmission, you’ll be able to keep detailed records of services completed on your vehicle. There’s also the added advantage of receiving approval requests via email or text and avoiding playing phone tag between you and the auto shop. You may review the Inspection Report and approve or decline suggested services right from your computer or mobile device. Lastly, you’ll receive a digital notification through automated communication that your vehicle is ready to be picked up.


    Reviews From Customers

    Susan Lee
    Susan Lee
    Very professional and did an excellent job on repairing my vehicle.
    Jojo MacKay
    Jojo MacKay
    "I've also been going to Belton Transmission & Complete AUTO Repair for over 15 years and was a bit nervous when I realized Ron retired...cause you never know, right?! I've had regular maintenance done with BT&C since Brian and Liz took over and decided to stick with them. Then this week I had to have my SUV towed and some major (in my opinion) work done...and they are just as fantastic as Ron and his crew SUV is running top notch and I couldn't be happier!
    Mark Upton
    Mark Upton
    Awesome shop with a great attitude and great customer service
    Chris Perry
    Chris Perry
    These guys are great. I've taken both my cars in for service. They are straight forward, fast, and proficient. They keep you up-to-date on all of their progress and diagnostics. Hard to find a shop with all of these traits combined. The best part is that they can get to your vehicle in the same day, most of the time. I'm in the automotive profession and they have exceeded expectations. Great group of people here. Great communication with reasonable prices.
    Callie Bryson
    Callie Bryson
    They took very good care of me an my car.
    Peggy Points
    Peggy Points
    Quick to get back with me on what was wrong with car. Very nice to work with them.
    Kerry Thomson
    Kerry Thomson
    My car was a NIGHTMARE for these guys. They truly provided top tier service, communication, and went above and beyond to get my car back to me as soon as possible. Other shops should learn from their service model. I’ll be using them for all my automotive needs. Thank you to Brian, Mike, Eric and the entire shop crew for all the hard work, time and energy you put into my little car. You could have walked away from it, but you didn’t, and that means everything.


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    Belton Transmission and Complete Auto Repair where the mission is to offer you quality car care with experience that makes a difference for your vehicle and your pocketbook.