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Keeping Your Car Running Smoothly: The Importance of Fluid Replacement

Fluid Replacement

Keeping Your Car Running Smoothly: The Importance of Fluid Replacement

There seems to be some misunderstanding regarding the necessity of fluid replacement and flushes for your vehicle. Engine oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant, and brake fluid should be maintained on a regular basis as they are all essential to the proper operation of your vehicle. Over time, these fluids get contaminated by the environment and degrade from use. As the fluids degrade, they no longer provide the required protection for your vehicle’s engine and auxiliary systems.

Therefore, these fluids should be tested and replaced at certain intervals throughout the life of your vehicle. These deteriorated fluids can increase the wear on the parts of your car if they are ignored. Your car’s lifespan will be shortened and the chance of engine and component failure will increase.. But how frequently should you replace or flush your vehicle’s essential fluids?

Engine Oil

Engine oil is essential to lubricate and reduce friction between the moving parts in your vehicle’s engine. Over time the engine oil gets contaminated and must be replaced to maintain suitable protection for your engine. The experts at Belton Transmission & Complete Auto Repair in Belton, MO recommend you change your engine oil and oil filter every 3,000-5,000 miles.

Transmission Fluid

The majority of automotive professionals advise flushing your vehicle’s transmission fluid and replacing the filter every 30,000 miles. Additionally, it’s beneficial to check your transmission fluid level and general transmission health once a year.

When the transmission fluid turns dark or smells burnt, it’s time to replace the fluid. If you wait too long, the fluid may become contaminated with particles and start to impact the performance and longevity of your vehicle’s transmission. Have your transmission and transmission fluid inspected by one of our transmission experts at Belton Transmission & Complete Auto Repair.

Engine Coolant

Your vehicle’s coolant circulates through the engine and radiator to reject heat and keep your engine running cool. Older fluid loses its capacity to control temperature, leaving the engine susceptible to harm. Additionally, this fluid can become acidic over time losing its rust inhibiting properties. This can cause internal engine components, the radiator, water pump, and heater core corrosion. Every 30,000 miles or two years, have Belton Transmission & Complete Auto Repair perform a complete system flush of your vehicle’s cooling system.

Brake Fluid

Most individuals put off getting this service until their brake system malfunctions. We frequently take this for granted. Most cases, we tend to only pay attention to our brakes when they make us feel unsafe, squeal, or grind. Every two to three years, your vehicle’s brake fluid should be inspected for moisture and overall condition. If the fluid is contaminated, we recommend the system be completely flushed and charged with new brake fluid.

Fluid Change vs Fluid Flush: What’s the Difference?

A fluid change is a simple procedure that usually involves draining or removing the old fluid and replacing it with new fluid. Filters are also changed as part of an engine oil change or transmission fluid change. If your fluid levels are getting low or the fluid is contaminated, a fluid change may be all that is required. For some systems, like your transmission, a fluid change may only replace 50-60% of the fluid. This will leave old and degraded fluid in your transmission and transmission cooling system.

A fluid flush, on the other hand, entails a more thorough procedure that involves flushing and removing all the fluid within the system. This process ensures all contaminants and debris are removed from the system before charging the system with new fluid. This is the preferred process to prolong the life of your vehicle and its auxiliary systems.


All the fluids in your vehicle, as well as the chemical additives that shield parts from damage, deteriorate and degrade with time. Fluid replacement is a crucial component of vehicle maintenance, particularly if the objective is to keep a vehicle on the road for a long period of time. The simplest and most affordable approach to increase the life of your vehicle and make driving safer is to replace or flush your vehicle’s fluids at the recommended service intervals specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Fluid flushes are a crucial component of vehicle maintenance. In particular if the objective is to keep a car on the road for the longest possible period of time. You can determine the ideal fluid cleanse and replacement plan for your car and the circumstances you drive in by considering the information in the owner’s handbook and the advice of a reliable auto repair Belton MO, like Belton Transmission.

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