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“Many thanks to you and the employees who took care of me and my SUV so well. Your staff was very caring and professional. I won’t forget their courtesy and kindness when I was very stressed out. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wanted to know of someone they could trust with any aspect of their auto repair needs.”
-Jeremy Swenson

After 40 years of combined experience.. and after over 10 years in the same location.. you won’t have any trouble finding someone we have helped to get back on the road! What can we do for you?

At Belton Transmission & Complete Repair, LLC every job we do is a “custom” job, first because every job is unique, and second because we don’t use assembly line or mass production methods. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t have different “grades” of repair. You always get our best effort!

Servicing a vehicle’s transmission includes a thorough test drive to determine the serviceability of the transmission. During the road test, the transmission’s shift quality and timing are noted along with any noises. During a visual inspection of the transmission, things like leaks at the transmission and cooler lines, the condition of engine and transmission mounts, U-joints, CV axles and their boots are checked.

Once it is determined that the transmission is serviceable, the bottom oil pan is removed, inspected for excessive sediment and, if everything looks fine, is cleaned out. The torque converter is drained if it has a drain plug. The filter is removed and cleaned or changed. All adjustments such as manual linkage, vacuum modulator, throttle valve linkage, bands, kick-down linkage and shifter indicator are checked and adjusted when necessary. A new bottom pan gasket is installed and the pan retaining bolts are torqued to factory specifications. The transmission is finally filled with a top quality fluid and road tested to check if any further adjustment is necessary and also to bring the unit to operating temperature so that a final fluid level check can be done.